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Nuoruida (Tianjin) science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research, development, and sales ofNuoruida (Tianjin) science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research, development, and sales of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer. Using European technology, we provide a variety of equipment. The main equipment is liquid nitrogen freezer, liquid nitrogen tunne lfreezer, cryogenic furnace, cryogenic processing equipment, low temperature assembly equipment, cryogenic assembly equipment,  blast freezer, dough sheeter machine, meat slicer machine,  and so on. we have passed ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate. 
The company's cryogenic equipment has various types of box, cabinet, well and other types, specifications from 1 to 20 meters, the shape has vertical, horizontal, square, hexagonal, cylindrical, etc., and can be according to user requirements Design and manufacturing, existing customers have covered automotive parts, roll manufacturing, low temperature assembly, precision machinery, bearing manufacturing, tool and mold manufacturing, tool manufacturing, pump and valve manufacturing, cemented carbide, powder metallurgy and many other directions. The introduction of European  temperature control technology makes the process of program-controlled heating, constant temperature, and cooling uniform and stable, and provides a full range of ultra-low temperature cooling environments and solutions. Using -196 ℃ liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant, compared with mechanical refrigeration equipment, it reduces energy consumption by 40%, greatly reduces the use cost, is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The temperature control accuracy of Nuoruida cryogenic equipment is high, it is safe to use, and it is installed Convenient, energy saving and environmental protection.

For the liquid nitrogen freezer, it can reach at the lowest temperature is -190℃, you can adjust the temperature, cooling rate and freezing time as customers’ requirement. So there are many food companies have used this freezer, Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology has an impeccable advantage in crustaceans, whole fish, shellfish, tuna, large yellow croaker, lobster, other seafood , mango, durian, avocado and aquatic products, as well as beef, mutton single freezing, and vacuum-packed sashimi and shrimp The advantage of freezing technology is that it is highly competitive in quality.

Nuoruida has been pursuing the return of customers with higher technology and better service. The stable quality and performance and excellent service have won the trust of foreign users. Many types of equipment have been exported to more than 30 countries.
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