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Cold storage method of seafood quick freezing equipment

2020-07-03 10:29:45

Maintaining the freshness and hygiene of seafood before cooking in seafood quick-freezing equipment is an important key for tasting sweet seafood. The methods of transportation, preservation, freezing, even deicing, bloodletting, and slaughtering will affect the taste. If the correct method is not used, it will endanger health .
1. Because tap water contains little chlorine, it is easy to lose the umami taste, and the seafood washed in tap water is more likely to turn black in the freezer, so it is recommended to wash the seafood with salt water, and the time of contact with water is not suitable Too long.
2. When it is thawed, if it can be placed in the low temperature position of the upper part of the refrigerator room, let it slowly de-ice, which is very helpful to preserve the taste and flavor of seafood. De-icing too quickly will deteriorate the meat quality and taste of the seafood. influences.
   3. Regardless of whether you are buying fish or other seafood, if you do not intend to buy a living body to go home and handle it yourself, you must wrap it in ice cubes or cold storage bags and maintain the freshness at a low temperature of -4℃~2℃.
   4. Be sure to clean the seafood before cooking in the pot, so as not to leave dirty blood and water, so that part of the fishy smell can be removed, and it is more hygienic.
   5. The seafood has a shelf life even if it is placed in the freezer. After eating it within 1 week, the umami taste will be lost if left for too long, and the taste will be natural

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