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Research on the performance of high-speed steel by cryogenic treatment equipment

2020-07-20 17:34:38

  After cryogenic treatment equipment, the relative wear resistance of the mold is increased by 40%. After the cryogenic treatment time is extended, the relative wear resistance ξ has increased without much change in hardness.
In the process of cryogenic treatment, a large amount of retained austenite is transformed into martensite, especially the supersaturated metastable martensite will reduce the supersaturation during the process from -196°C to room temperature, precipitation and dispersion, the size is only 20 Ultra-fine carbides that are ~60A and maintain a coherent relationship with the matrix can reduce the distortion of the martensite lattice and reduce the microscopic stress, while the fine and dispersed carbides can hinder the movement of dislocations during the plastic deformation of the material, thereby strengthening the matrix organization.
At the same time, due to the precipitation of ultra-fine carbide particles and evenly distributed on the martensite matrix, the grain boundary catalysis is weakened, and the refinement of the matrix structure not only reduces the degree of segregation of impurity elements at the grain boundary, but also exerts grain boundary strengthening. Therefore, it improves the performance of high-speed steel and significantly improves the hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance. If the mold hardness is high, its wear resistance is good. If the hardness is increased from 60HRC to 62~63HRC, the mold wear resistance will increase by 30%~40%.

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