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Seven advantages of workpiece material after cryogenic treatment

2021-07-13 10:35:00

Cryogenic treatment technology is a new technology that has emerged in recent years to improve the performance of metal workpieces. Because of its obvious effect, it has been widely used in the processing of metal materials and workpieces. The cryogenic treatment equipment box is a kind of equipment for material cryogenic treatment. The metal material or workpiece is kept at a certain temperature through the liquid nitrogen cooling medium, which promotes the further transformation of the retained austenite existing after the conventional heat treatment, thereby changing the metal material and The performance of the workpiece makes it have impact toughness and wear resistance, the dimensional stability of the workpiece, and the service life of the workpiece is increased.
   Seven advantages after cryogenic treatment of workpiece material
  1. Improve the hardness of hardware workpieces, and increase the Rockwell hardness by 1 to 2 degrees.
  2. Improve the wear resistance of hardware workpieces. The wear resistance of Cr12MoV steel is increased by 30%, and the wear resistance of carburized steel of 20Ni3Mo steel is increased by 89%.
  3. Improve the bending strength The bending strength of 440A cast stainless steel is increased from 1135MPa to 1355MPa.
  4. Improve toughness W6Mo5Cr4V2 impact energy increased from 18J to 40J.
   5. Improve the red hardness of W18Cr4V. The Rockwell hardness of W18Cr4V is increased from 57.9 to 63.9 at 625°C.
  6. ​​Improve the dimensional stability of 95Cr18 stainless steel and reduce the retained austenite from 35% to 10%.
  7. Improve the conductivity of the copper alloy Cu_15Ni_8Sn. The resistivity is reduced from 2.86×10-7Ω.m to 1.51×10-7Ω.m.

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