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The working principle and application of cryogenic furnace

2022-09-04 10:16:01

The working principle of cryogenic furnace:
1. It transforms austenite with lower hardness into martensite with higher hardness, more stability, higher wear resistance and heat resistance;
2. Through ultra-low temperature treatment, the lattice of the treated material has more widely distributed carbide particles with higher hardness and finer particle size;
3. In the metal grains, a more uniform, smaller, and microscopic material structure with greater density can be produced;
4. Due to the additional micro-carbide particles and a finer lattice, it leads to a denser molecular structure, so that the tiny voids inside the material are greatly reduced;
5. After the material is treated at ultra-low temperature, the internal thermal stress and mechanical stress are greatly reduced, which effectively reduces the possibility of cracks and chipping of tools and measuring tools. In addition, because the residual stress in the measuring tool affects the ability of the cutting edge to absorb kinetic energy, the ultra-low temperature treated tool and measuring tool not only has higher wear resistance, but also the harm of its own residual stress is greatly reduced than that of the untreated tool and measuring tool. ;
6. In the treated cemented carbide, a new combination of molecular structure is produced due to the reduction of its electron kinetic energy.
Application introduction:
As soon as cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic technologies appeared, they attracted great attention from scientific research and industrial circles. , valve, gear, spring and other workpiece performance improvement. In the automotive industry, major car companies are also experimenting with cryogenically treated brakes. In order to improve the stability and safety of the car and the service life of the brake. The improvement effect of cryogenic treatment technology is to penetrate into the interior of the treated part (overall effect). Because it is not limited to the surface, the modification effect of the workpiece will not be invalidated when the cutting tool is reground and reused, and the shape and size of the workpiece will not only cause It also has the functions of enhancing dimensional stability and reducing quenching stress; the process system is simple, the power consumption is low, it is not limited by the shape and size of the workpiece, and the operation is simple; without any environmental pollution, it is a safe and environmentally friendly technology

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