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Cabinet quick-freezing machine product features

2022-11-10 13:11:48

Cabinet quick-freezing machine product features

The stainless steel material transfer net belt of the quick-freezing machine rotates in the room, so as to realize the fast material. The top wind and side wind are used respectively. The time range is 20-90 minutes. It is suitable for small packaged food, prepared food, ice cream, meat and other fast, also can be used in seafood, fruit and non-fluidized frozen vegetable products.


The quick-freezing machine adopts the structure of two turret. In addition to the characteristics of the quick-freezing machine, the cabinet quick-freezing machine manufacturers also have the following characteristics:


1, suitable for frozen products more extensive, more flexible: because the two structural design can be carried out independently, for cooked food quick freezing production enterprises can save the precooling process and equipment, so that the precooling and quick freezing process can be completed at one time, quick freezing machine is also suitable for quick freezing block food that needs a little longer time.


2, the structure design is more suitable for modern production: the inlet and outlet of the quick-freezing device can only be divided into two forms: upward and downward out or downward into and upward out. The price of the cabinet quick-freezing machine, and the inlet and outlet of the quick-freezing machine are below, the choice of the inlet and outlet direction is more flexible, and it is easier to combine with other supporting equipment to realize modern production line.


3, large volume: Because of the turret structure, more play to the characteristics of the frozen machine, that is to say, the structure is particularly suitable for large frozen food enterprises


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