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The significance of cold treatment of cutter

2022-11-18 15:08:51

It is understood that the cold treatment process of the tool refers to the end point of martensite transformation will be reduced to a low temperature below 0℃, after quenching tissue contains a large number of residual austenite, in order to make the residual austenite into martensite, the quenched workpiece into the cold agent or refrigerator to continue cooling practice.


The cold treatment temperature should be selected according to the chemical composition of the steel (Mf point). For most steels, a mixture of dry ice and alcohol (-78℃) will suffice. The cold treatment should be carried out immediately after quenching, so as not to stabilize the residual austenite and affect the cold treatment effect. Some complex shape of the workpiece in order to avoid cold treatment crack, can be tempered after cold treatment. For some parts with higher dimensional stability requirements, such as thread gauges, two cold treatments are often required. The cold treatment must be tempered or aged to eliminate the stress and stabilize the newly formed martensite tissue.


The workpiece does not need to be insulated in cold treatment, only when its heart reaches the temperature of the cold agent (generally 1 ~ 2h). After cold treatment, the workpiece is removed from the refrigerant, slowly heated to room temperature in the air, and then tempered. The cold treatment temperature is mostly from -70℃ to -80℃. The selection of cold treatment temperature is mainly based on the MS (beginning temperature of martensitic transformation) and Mf (end temperature of martensitic transformation) temperature of steel, and also related to the technical requirements of parts. Ms < T < Mf. The lower the temperature is not the better, as long as the technical requirements can be met. Low carbon alloy carburized steel is mostly -70℃~-80℃.


The cold treatment process has its own value of existence, through the cold treatment process processed by the machine, there are other machines can not be compared to you. For example, the air turbine refrigerator is manufactured according to the basic principle of compressed air expansion refrigeration. It has remarkable characteristics, high efficiency, fast refrigeration speed, and can quickly reach the process temperature. ** *, environmental pollution, refrigeration medium for compressed air. Third, wide operating temperature range, no frost. Fourth, the refrigerator, low temperature box separation, easy to upgrade, The main thing is that it is simple to operate and easy to maintain.


Tool cold treatment process is scientifically manufactured according to the chemical composition of steel. These technologies are applied to tools, measuring tools and precision instruments, which not only improve the use value of products, but also greatly improve the work efficiency.


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