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Installation of liquid nitrogen cryogenic equipment skills and precautions to share

2022-12-05 08:56:29

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic chamber refers to the equipment that processes the workpiece at a temperature lower than -130℃ with the mixed working medium as the refrigerant. Without reducing the strength and hardness of the workpiece, it can significantly improve the toughness of the workpiece. Can effectively improve the mechanical properties and service life of steel materials, non-ferrous metals and composite materials, stable size, improve uniformity, reduce deformation, with simple operation, no damage to the workpiece, no deformation and other advantages. Low pollution, low cost, has a good application prospect and development space.

When installing liquid nitrogen cryogenic equipment, pay attention to its installation skills and precautions to avoid equipment failure due to improper use:


1. Pay attention to the clearance match of bearing rings when installing. It is recommended that the mating surfaces be coated with a thin layer of anti-creep corrosion agent to prevent frictional corrosion between mating surfaces.


2. The force exerted on the bearing during installation shall not be transferred from one bearing ring to another through the rolling body, otherwise it may damage the raceway. However, under no circumstances should you strike the bearing ring, cage, rolling body or seal directly.


3. Install the eccentric sleeve. First, the eccentric sleeve is set on the eccentric step of the bearing inner sleeve, tightened by hand along the rotating direction of the shaft, and then the small iron rod is inserted or reversely set into the countersunk hole on the eccentric sleeve. Hit the small iron bar with a hammer along the rotating direction of the shaft, so that the eccentric sleeve is firmly installed, and the hex socket screw is locked on the eccentric sleeve.


4. The bolts fixing the bearing seat should not be tightened first to make the bearing sleeve rotate in the bearing seat. Then tighten the bearing seat bolts. Similarly, mount the bearing and seat on the opposite end of the same shaft and rotate the shaft a few turns to allow the bearings themselves to align themselves. Grease the mating surface between the bearing seat and the bearing, and load the imported bearing into the bearing seat. The assembled bearing and bearing seat are then placed on the shaft and pushed to the position required for installation.


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