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Cryogenic treatment for which industries

2023-05-03 10:52:18

Cryogenic treatment is widely used in metal or non-metal industries, such as metal cold treatment, mechanical parts, bearings, biological, medical, aerospace, alloy, carbide, plastics (nylon and teflon), aluminum, plastic, rubber, ceramics, etc.
Biological: Fast cooling, can prevent cell water crystallization, do not destroy cell tissue. In sperm preservation, organ preservation, food preservation, some life preservation and other applications.
Metallic and non-metallic materials: cryotreatment improves dimensional stability, wear resistance, impact toughness of metallic materials, improves stress distribution in the workpiece, improves fatigue strength, and improves corrosion resistance of the workpiece. Improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece.
Aerospace: Simulation of space environment, satellite ground test station, the use of liquid nitrogen, create high temperature above -200 degrees.
Medical treatment: cryotherapy, certain skin diseases.
Noise reduction: High sensitivity radar, astronomical telescope, etc., using liquid nitrogen, cooling receiving device, reduce noise.
Vacuum: High vacuum can be obtained using cold well technology.
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