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Overview of cryogenic treatment

2023-05-10 20:11:30



In the industry, the material is generally further cooled to a temperature below zero degree Celsius (usually 0 ~ -130℃) after ordinary heat treatment method is called ordinary cold treatment; The cold treatment below -130℃ (usually -130℃ ~ -196℃) is called cryogenic treatment. Cryogenic treatment is also known as ultra-low temperature treatment, it is the continuation of ordinary heat treatment, a branch of low temperature technology.
Cryogenic treatment is a new technology that places the workpiece to be treated in a specific, controllable low temperature environment, so as to change the microstructure of materials, so as to improve or improve the performance of materials. Due to the changes in the microstructure of the treated materials at low temperature, it is manifested in the improvement of the wear resistance, dimensional stability, tensile strength, residual stress and other aspects of the materials on the macro level. Scholars at home and abroad have carried out a lot of relevant studies on this. With the development of cryogenic technology and the improvement of test means, people's research on cryogenic treatment gradually in-depth, materials in addition to steel materials, has been extended to powder metallurgy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy and other non-metallic materials (such as plastic, nylon, etc.). Applications are widely used in aerospace, precision instruments, friction couple parts, tooling, measuring tools, textile machinery parts, automotive industry and military science and many other fields. A new study by Professor Robin Rhodes of the New England Cryogenic Treatment Institute found that cryogenic treatment can greatly extend the service life of motor parts used in racing cars, motorcycles, ships, ski skis, and race cars. The emergence of cryogenic treatment technology opens up another broad research field for the practical application and development of cryogenics in industry.

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