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The effect of cryogenic treatment equipment on stainless steel

2023-07-01 15:32:53

Cryogenic treatment, as an extension of stainless steel heat treatment technology, improves the strength, toughness and wear resistance of the steel by placing the stainless steel material at a temperature far below normal temperature. So what is the improvement of 316L stainless steel after cryogenic treatment?

1. After cryogenic treatment, 316L stainless steel structure contains a small amount of martensite formation, hardness increased by about 12%, tensile strength increased by 6%, yield strength increased by 10%.

2. Cryogenic treatment reduces the electrochemical corrosion performance of 316L stainless steel, whether it is raw materials or welding materials.

3. After cryogenic treatment, 316L stainless steel reduces the friction coefficient of 316L stainless steel to 25% due to the transformation of residual austenite to martensite, and the wear performance is improved.

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