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The advantages of the well type cryogenic furnace

2023-10-17 09:02:23

Pit cryogenic furnaces are divided into several categories:
1, well type deep cryogenic box
It is used for the cryogenic treatment of elongated parts to prevent deformation during the side cryogenic process.
2, well type cryogenic tempering integrated furnace
Most of them are used in cryogenic stress relief treatment of aluminum alloy parts, slow cooling, slow heating, to achieve stress relief effect
3, well type liquid nitrogen immersion air-cooled box
Used in scientific research institutes and institutes to test different cryogenic processes, which can meet the air cooling slow temperature control function, and can meet the requirements of rapid cooling extremely cold process, and is also suitable for some low-temperature valve testing industries.
1, with good temperature uniformity
2, can effectively prevent the control of long workpiece cryogenic or compression deformation
3, can meet the slow cooling and liquid nitrogen soaking dual functions
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