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  • -65 C freezer

-65C ultra low temperature freezer for tuna,fish

Application:The freezer is used for storage of deep seafood such as tuna, swordfish etc in seafood and cateringi



The freezer is used for storage of deep seafood such as tuna, swordfish etc. in seafood and catering
industries; used for freezing storage of biological samples, specimens, materials and reagents at
laboratories; The freezer can also be used for low temperature test of electronic and chemical materials
in industries.

Design and components:
1. World brands compressor: Embraco or SECOP compressor, strong power, reliable and long working life;
2. World brand thermostat: Italian Dixell temperature controller, high control accuracy, digital temperature display, sensor fault alarms, easy operation;
3. EBM condenser fan motor: strong and reliable, low failure rate, long working life;
4. Copper tube evaporator, much low inner leakage, excellent heat exchange;
5. SUS304 interior & exterior, healthy and good looking, reliable & easy cleaning;
6. Double door gaskets provides good seal;
  Thicker insulation, reduce power consumption.

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