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metal cryogenic treatment equipment

cryogenic treatment equipment for metals, can design the size as your need


metal Cryogenic treatment equipment:
Improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece
Guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece
Improve the wear resistance of the workpiece
Improve the impact toughness of the workpiece
Improve internal stress distribution and increase fatigue strength
Improve workpiece corrosion resistance

The so-called cryogenic treatment is to use liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) as a cooling medium to continue the cooling process of the quenched metal material to a temperature far below room temperature, which promotes the acquisition of residual austenite after conventional heat treatment. Further transformation to improve the performance of metal materials. After the cryogenic treatment of metal, the wear resistance, toughness and dimensional stability of metal workpieces can be significantly improved, and the service life of the workpiece is doubled.

Model Inside size
( L×W×H )mm
Outside dimensions
( L×W×H )mm
( L )
Load capacity ( KG )
NRD-50L 400×350×350 1150×810×780 50 80
NRD-80L 500×400×400 1250×860×830 80 150
NRD-150L 600×500×500 1430×960×960 150 300
NRD-250L 700×600×600 1530×1060×1060 250 500
NRD-324L 900×600×600 1700×1180×1220 324 650
NRD-500L 1000×700×700 1800×1280×1220 490 1000
NRD-800L 1200×800×800 2000×1380×1320 768 1500
NRD-1500L 1500×1000×1000 2300×1700×1550 1500 2500
NRD-1800L 1800×1000×1000 2600×1700×1550 1800 3000
NRD-2000L 2000×1000×1000 2800×1700×1550 2000 3500

the working temperature: room temp.~-196℃

 or Working temperature― +300℃~-196℃

The insulation layer――the thermal-protective coating is an ultra-low temperature thermal insulation materials Made in Germany BSF with Multilayer composite structure with extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which can effectively block the exchange of heat and cold inside and outside the box.

Temperature control system ――German ultra-low temperature control technology, leading low-temperature processing technology and control system

 liquid nitrogen solenoid valve――JAKSA imported from the Germanyultra low solenoid valve can ensure open normally at -196

The PLC Process controller—Siemens imported from Germany 

The touch screen――Taiwan/MCGS

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