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stem cells plasma semen embryos liquid nitrogen container

is suitable for long-term static storage of stem cells, plasma, semen, embryos, and various tissues and organs


Technical characteristics of large-caliber liquid nitrogen biological container:
Two-phase storage: immersion storage at -196℃ and gas phase storage at -190℃ can be selected
More accurate: imported high-precision sensors, liquid level monitoring accuracy up to 5MM
More secure: multiple alarms, password protection and liquid nitrogen splash-proof design
More economical: store 94500 copies of 2ML ordinary cryotubes and extremely low evaporation loss design
Advantages of large-caliber liquid nitrogen biological container:
1. The large-caliber liquid nitrogen container provides protection for biological samples. The microprocessor-based temperature and liquid nitrogen level monitoring system closely monitors the operation of the equipment to ensure sample safety.
2. The standard integrated folding step, auxiliary workbench and ergonomic cover design can ensure the safety and simplicity of the equipment.
3. Compatible with liquid nitrogen phase and liquid phase storage modes, even when the lid is opened for a long time, the temperature uniformity and stability of the entire box can be guaranteed.
4. Multiple user-friendly designs, comfortable operation and lockable lid to fully ensure sample safety
5. The hot gas bypass function automatically discharges the nitrogen in the pipeline when filling liquid nitrogen, reducing the impact on the internal temperature of the tank and ensuring the safety of stored samples

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