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liquid nitrogen IQF tunnel freezer for seafood

the lowest temperature can reach at -150 degree, the temperature can adjustable the freezing time is about 5 mintues to 30 minutes


the lowest temperature can reach at -150 degee, you can adjust the temperature as your need.

Such as: seafood, abalone, sea shrimp, sea cucumber, lobster, sea fish, salmon, crab, meat, rice balls, dumplings, buns, dumplings, spring rolls, wonton, cheese, bamboo shoots, sticky corn, antler, mango, avocado, durian, strawberry, pineapple, bayberry, alligator Pear, durian, papaya, litchi, prepared food, etc. 

Working temperature―-150℃~+121℃
The material ――All the structure is made of USU304 stainless steel
Max cooling rate―― 0~30℃/min can be set at random
The control system―― adopts German Siemens, man-machine interface + PLC + module
programmable control, which is convenient for users to use
thermal insulation layer――150mm thick which adopt to the ultra-low temperature insulation material of BASF in Germany

How to send the equipment to my country?
By sea, using 20'GP, 40'GP or 45'GP containers, depends on size of the equipment.
Do you have training services that teach us how to manipulate the equipment?
Yes, we can teach by videos, or clients can come to our factory to learn.
Is it danger to manipulate liquid nitrogen freezers?
Nitrogen is toxic-free, poisionless and harmless to human, but workers much wear antifreezing suit.
How much liquid nitrogen will be consumed for freezing foods?
Generally 1:1, that is 1 ton nitrogen for 1 ton food, actual consumption depends on specific kind of food.

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