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-190 C nitrogen blast freezer

widly used in frozen tuna, shrimp, duarian, mango, strawberry, dumplings and so on


our freezer is using the liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium, the lowest temperature can reach at -190℃,
but you can adjust the temperature as your need. our customers often set the temperature at -70℃~-110℃, so the cold 
gas nitrogen loop inside of this cabinet freezer, When it is in contact with food, gasification will be able to take heat away 
more quickly.The ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange rate achieve a really quick Frozen.

Compare with the traditional air-cooled quick-freezing equipment, liquid nitrogen instant vaporization contact freezing 
rate can be improved 5 ~ 10 times, can quickly through the food ice crystals point (0 ~-5 ℃), Food within the rapid 
formation  of a very small and evenly distributed ice crystals, complete preservation of the cell membrane and cell wall
 is not destroyed, the nutrition juice is not  lost after thawed, keep the food taste unchanged, and fully maintain the 
original flavor of food color, taste, nutritional value. 


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