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The food dry consumption loss

2020-06-26 13:30:35

During the process of cooling and freezing, the weight of food is reduced due to the evaporation of water in the food or the sublimation of ice crystals, commonly known as "dry consumption loss"
Dry consumption loss = weight of food before freezing - weight of food after thawing
When the food is dried, not only the weight loss, but also the drying phenomenon will appear on the surface, and the quality of the food will also decline. For example, the dry consumption of fruits and vegetables reaches 5%, and some seafood products reach 10%, and they will lose their fresh and full appearance and appear obvious. Withering phenomenon. The moisture of meat and fish foods evaporates and comes into contact with oxygen in the air. The fats in the food are oxidized and rancid, and the surface becomes yellowish brown.

Compare with the traditional air-cooled quick-freezing equipment, liquid nitrogen instant vaporization contactfreezing rate can be improved 5 ~ 10 times, can quickly through the food ice crystals point (0 ~-5 ℃), Food within the rapid formation  of a very small and evenly distributed ice crystals,complete preservation of the cell membrane and cell wall is not destroyed, the nutrition juice is not  lost after thawed,keep the food taste unchanged, and fully  maintain the original flavor of food color, taste, nutritional value. 
using the liquid nitrogen freezer to frozen the food, there is almost no dry consumption loss.

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