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Operation method of super cryo box

2020-06-29 09:36:01

      The ultra-cryogenic box has the characteristics of high efficiency, compact structure, suitable for multi-phase flow, etc., but its flow channel is small, easy to block, and not resistant to corrosion. Pay attention to the composition and purity of the inlet fluid in use, install a certain mesh filter or filter at the inlet according to the design requirements; and install a precision pressure gauge at the inlet and outlet of the ultra-cold box, monitor regularly, when the pressure difference increases To a certain extent, it is necessary to cut out the cold box to clean the filter, or need to inject methanol and other materials to thaw.
     The ultra-cold freezer is a group of high-efficiency, heat-insulating and low-temperature heat exchange equipment. It is often used in the cryogenic separation process. For example, in the cryogenic separation process of petroleum cracked gas, a cold box operating at about -100 to -140°C is used. It consists of a compact and efficient plate heat exchanger and a gas-liquid separator. Because the low temperature is very easy to dissipate and require extremely tight insulation, the heat exchanger and separator are packaged in a box with insulation materials, which is called a cold box.
      The key technology of the ultra-cryogenic box is the design and manufacturing technology of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers of various positions inside.
      The ultra-cold freezer is one of the key equipment of the air separation plant. Therefore, in the separation process of product raw material mixed gas, low temperature separation is a method that all processes must adopt. The cold box is one of the main equipment for low temperature separation. It is mainly composed of two parts: one is a huge steel shell insulation box, and the other is an internal core aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger. There are three key technical aspects, including heat transfer calculation and mechanical structure design and hydraulic calculation. The three need to be closely coordinated to meet the process requirements, and to achieve high efficiency, pressure resistance, material saving, compactness, small flow resistance, and small heat (cold) loss.

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