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The working principle and advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing

2020-06-30 10:19:39

The working principle and advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing
    The working principle of liquid nitrogen quick freezing is-"freezing frozen items and low temperature liquid (liquid nitrogen) indirect contact"; put the packaged fresh food (fish, meat, etc.) into the quick freezing machine, and put the liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine The temperature quickly drops below -120℃ (the temperature can be set according to different foods), and then it is frozen within 2 to 15 minutes, avoiding the ice crystal formation period inside the food, keeping the cell membrane from being damaged, and nutrition after thawing The material is not lost, maintaining the original flavor, taste and nutritional value of the food even better than fresh food.
Liquid nitrogen quick freezing has the following advantages:
1. Short freezing time, large output per unit time, high efficiency, suitable for continuous food processing,
2. Long preservation time, good food quality, less dry consumption, and can maintain the freshness of the food well;
3. The energy consumption of the same output is low, the loss of cooling capacity is small, and the operating cost is low;
4. Less investment, saving more than 30% compared with traditional cold storage quick freezing;
5. Quick-freeze at ultra-low temperature, bacteria are generally killed or stop multiplying;
6. With high temperature sterilization function, more safe and hygienic.
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