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Several factors affecting the quick freezing of food

2020-07-08 10:11:22

1. Cooling medium temperature: The freezing speed and freezing point of the food are proportional to the temperature difference of the cooling medium. The lower the cooling medium temperature, the faster the freezing speed.
2. The influence of frozen products on wind: the surface area, wind speed and cold wind circulation rate of frozen products affect the freezing speed.
3. The effect of latent heat and enthalpy difference: 1kg water from 80 degrees to 0 degrees requires 80kcal cooling capacity, from 0 degrees of water to 0 degrees ice also requires 80kcal cooling capacity. It can be seen that the latent heat of crystallization requires more cooling capacity. Similarly, when the enthalpy difference is large, if the incoming temperature is high, not only a large cooling capacity but also a long freezing time is required.
4. The influence of food ingredients: Foods with high thermal conductivity will freeze faster than foods with low thermal conductivity. If the plastic film on the surface of the food not only conducts heat slowly, but also hinders the wind. For example, the thermal conductivity of water is 0.604w/mk, the thermal conductivity of fat is 0.15, the thermal conductivity of plastic film is 0.028, and the thermal conductivity of wind is 0.066.
5. The effect of food thickness: The square of food thickness is proportional to the quick freezing time. The thicker the food, the longer the quick freezing time

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