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Liquid nitrogen quick freezing and storage

2020-07-09 13:46:11

   1. This substance is a frozen liquid, which will cause great danger in closed areas. It requires engineering control and protective equipment. The staff should be strictly trained and informed about the danger and safe use of this substance.
   2. The work area should be well ventilated to avoid hypoxia.
   3. If liquid nitrogen is used in an enclosed area, all safety procedures should be followed carefully.
   4. (Liquid nitrogen quick freezing) Install a continuous air detector to determine whether proper ventilation is required.
   5. Do not use with incompatible materials (such as magnesium), it will react violently.
   6. Filling (quick freezing of liquid nitrogen) the neck of the liquid nitrogen container to avoid being blocked by ice.
   7. Carefully transport the container filled with refrigerant.
   8. Carry with a special trolley or trolley.
   9. The steel cylinder is straight to the floor and fixed to the wall or column.
   10. Cylinders cannot be rolled, dragged, dropped or let them collide together.
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