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Storage requirements for liquid nitrogen

2020-07-13 13:17:05

The liquid nitrogen tank is designed to store liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is ultra-low temperature. If we store the liquid nitrogen tank with liquid nitrogen in a confined space, it is likely that the liquid nitrogen volatilizes, resulting in lack of oxygen in the air and suffocation.
The storage location requirements of the liquid nitrogen tank are as follows:
1. The liquid nitrogen tank should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place, and it is forbidden to expose to direct sunlight. During use or storage, it is forbidden to tilt, lay horizontally, upside down, stacking, collide with each other or collide with other objects. It should be handled gently and always kept upright.
2. During transportation, the liquid nitrogen tank must be installed in a wooden frame with a soft pad and fixed. The tank and the tank are separated by a filler such as sponge to prevent bumps and bumps, and prevent dumping. When loading and unloading trucks, it is necessary to strictly prevent the collision of the liquid nitrogen tank, and it is not allowed to drag on the ground at will, so as not to reduce the service life of the liquid nitrogen tank.
3. Liquid nitrogen tanks are generally divided into storage type and transport type. They are mainly used for indoor static storage of liquid nitrogen, and should not be used for long-distance transportation under working conditions;
4. When using a small amount of liquid nitrogen in a short time and short distance, you can also temporarily use a thermos (cup) and other utensils for storage, but when storing in a thermos (cup), etc., you must cut a toothpick on the edge of the cork Small grooves of similar size for the safe discharge of nitrogen

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