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Four advantages of liquid nitrogen freezing equipment

2020-07-14 10:31:17

Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment makes frozen seafood fresher     
    The fresher the seafood, the more delicious. The way to keep it fresh is to freeze it in vivo. Ocean-going fishing vessels often take one to two months to go fishing. After leaving the original seawater, the deep-sea seafood will die because of not adapting to the water quality environment. Only through the ship's live freezing technology, the nutrition and deliciousness of the seafood can be quickly locked, and the taste and nutrition can be kept properly after thawing.
Liquid nitrogen quick freezing equipment is safer for quick freezing seafood    
    Only offshore fishermen have the opportunity to eat Shengmeng seafood, because only the fish that are caught now are called Shengmeng seafood. Live seafood that has been transported for a long period of time often needs to add substances that simulate the quality of deep sea water to maintain the activity of the seafood. From the place of origin to the vegetable market and supermarket, it often takes more than a month. The living environment of seafood and aquatic products is far less than before, and the transportation process is easy to die and produce**.
Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment makes quick-frozen seafood more healthy    
    Deep sea water is clean, seafood grows naturally, and marine ecological food is consumed, so it is more healthy. Freshwater cultured aquatic products, because of artificial breeding, the water quality can not reach the deep-sea ecological water quality. Although the aquatic products produced are succulent and fat, the taste is good, but in fact, they cannot compare with the real deep-sea seafood in terms of nutrients and taste. It is more likely that some unscrupulous farmers illegally add fattening and enlarging agents and damage the health of consumers.
Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment Quick-frozen seafood is easier to eat    
    Deep-sea seafood after freezing is more convenient to eat. For example, tuna is frozen after bloodletting, Argentine red shrimp is frozen after being washed at sea, and deep-sea fish are frozen after processing. The edible and cleaned deep-sea seafood aquatic products can be quickly made into delicious seafood delicacies only after thawing.

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