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Characteristics of cryogenic treatment equipment

2020-07-15 17:11:33

Cryogenic processing equipment refers to materials that need to be processed in an environment of -190°C to -230°C. Suitable for all metallic or non-metallic materials, such as alloys, carbides, plastics (nylon and Teflon), aluminum, ceramics, etc.
Since austenite is very unstable and decomposed in low temperature environment, the original defects (micropores and internal stress concentration part) produce plastic flow and become microstructure refined, so as long as the metal is placed in an ultra-low temperature environment, Of austenite will be transformed into martensite, and the internal stress will be eliminated.
Cryogenic treatment equipment shrinks the volume of the tissue at ultra-low temperature, and the lattice constant of Fe shrinks to strengthen the driving force of carbon atom precipitation.Therefore, a large amount of ultra-fine carbides are precipitated from the matrix of martensite. These ultra-fine crystals will increase the strength of the material. At the same time increase wear resistance and rigidity.
The ultra-low temperature can transfer the kinetic energy of metal atoms, so that the atoms cannot be diffused apart, so that the atoms are tightly bound.
Super cryogenic treatment:
Improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece
Ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece
Improve the wear resistance of the workpiece
Improve the impact toughness of the workpiece
Improve the stress distribution in the workpiece
Improve fatigue strength
Improve the corrosion resistance of the workpiece
increase productivity

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