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What are the characteristics of low temperature assembly box

2020-07-16 14:33:43

    The low temperature assembly box is simple, convenient, economical and practical. During the operation, only a simple verification of the reference size is needed. After cooling, there is no need to measure the size, and it can be directly assembled, which is safer and more reliable! It is simple and convenient while greatly saving the cost of traditional assembly.
    In the past, in hot-fitting, when it could not be installed, workers often used a sledgehammer or a crane to lift heavy objects for impact to complete the assembly. This operation has a certain degree of danger. Break. With cold assembly, a small workpiece can be completed by one person, just put the parts into the base hole. During the hot-fitting process, the base hole parts need to be heated and then cooled in the air. This process is equivalent to performing a low-temperature annealing treatment on the parts, which reduces the hardness and strength of the parts. Cold assembly is equivalent to performing a cold treatment on the parts, and the parts can obtain the following advantages after cold treatment:
    a. Lower austenite can make the product invariable for a long time;
    b. Increased hardness and averaging;
    c. Improve the performance of machinery;
    d. Stable size;
    e. Increased magnetism;
    f. Enhanced wear resistance.

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