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Interference fit assembly method

2020-07-17 10:24:56

Press fit
   Press fit (interference fit) at room temperature is suitable for several static fits with a small interference amount. Its operation is simple and convenient, and the action is rapid, which is a commonly used method. According to the different force application methods, press-fitting is divided into two types: hammering method and press-in method. The hammering method is mainly used for the matching surface with lower requirements and shorter length. , Good direction control, high production efficiency, mainly used for interference fit. The small-size couplings with a small interference fit can be pressed in with a screw-in or lever-type pressing tool, and the large interference can be pressed in with a press.
Hot fit
Hot-fitting (interference fit), the basic principle of hot-fitting is: by heating the containing member (hole), the diameter expansion is increased to a certain value, and then the matched contained member (shaft) is freely fed into the hole After the hole is cooled, the shaft is tightly thrown away, and there is a great connection strength between them, which meets the requirements of press-fitting.
Cold fit
Cold fitting, when the kit is too large and the parts pressed in are too small, it is inconvenient to use the heating kit or even unable to heat; or some kits do not push the heating, you can use the cold temperature of the low-pressure parts to reduce the size, and then Quickly install this part into the kit, this method is called cold fitting.

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