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Why should we give priority to liquid nitrogen quick freezing?

2022-06-30 19:12:08

First of all, liquid nitrogen is a high-quality ultra-low temperature medium that we can master and widely use at present. It is colorless, odorless, super environmentally friendly, very efficient in low-temperature heat exchange, rich in sources and low in cost. It is very suitable for large-scale use of quick-frozen food.

Second, the ultra-low temperature of liquid nitrogen allows for the rapid freezing of food, which minimizes the creation of ice crystals from food molecules and helps preserve the texture of the food. This also prevents the loss of moisture and achieves almost no loss; maintains the original color, original flavor and original quality of the food. After the food is thawed, it is almost the same as the food before freezing.

Third, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing equipment has a lower failure rate and higher long-term stability than other compressor-type refrigeration equipment. Other advantages include easy storage, packaging, transportation, etc.

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