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Roll cryogenic treatment equipment superior technology

2022-07-13 19:57:39

Roll cryogenic treatment equipment - imported technology, superior technology
       Cryogenic treatment of rolls is the cryogenic treatment of rolls. After cold roll quenching, part of the parent phase will remain in the form of retained austenite. Only by continuing to cool down to increase the driving force of phase transformation, can we continue to obtain martensite and reduce the content of retained austenite. Cryogenic treatment is carried out by refrigeration equipment. The rolls are placed in a container with four walls lined with thermal insulation materials, that is, a freezing tank, and the temperature of the rolls in the tank can be lowered to a temperature below -190°C by means of refrigeration. *Simple cryogenic treatment can use ordinary freezer, the temperature can reach -18 ℃. If dry ice is used as the refrigerant, the temperature in the tank can reach -60C. Large rolls are generally cooled by special vapor compression refrigerators, and the temperature of the container can be reduced to -90 °C. If conditions permit, liquid nitrogen can also be used to obtain a lower temperature below -190 °C. This equipment adopts the international superior temperature control technology, and the preset process time and processing time are timed by the control system. The treatment effect can be judged by metallographic measurement. The retained austenite content can be lower than the specified value. Generally, 8% to 10% is allowed. In strict cases, it is required to be less than 5%. Retained austenite is not as low as possible, and in the right amount is beneficial for both toughness and accident resistance.

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