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why the durian is frozen must be by liquid nitrogen freezer

2022-07-31 10:58:15

1. After the durian is frozen, will the "freshness" be lost?
2. After the durian is frozen, the taste is lost? Can't eat the original "original taste"?
3. After the durian is frozen, it loses weight? Did it fall off the scale?
4. After the durian is frozen, it is difficult to transport, easy to deform, and the product is different?
5. Durian: Long freezing time? High energy consumption? High processing cost?
Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid! It's not a problem here!
The Durian Cabinet Type Liquid Nitrogen Quick Freezer launched by Nuoruida can help you solve your confusion!
Nuoruida Durian Cabinet Type Liquid Nitrogen Quick Freezer has the following advantages:
(1) Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic and inert to food ingredients. Furthermore, because it replaces the air from the food, it can minimize oxidative changes during freezing and packaging storage.
(2) Liquid nitrogen can be in close contact with all parts of food with irregular shapes, reducing heat transfer resistance to a minimum.
(3) The dry consumption of frozen food is small. The dry consumption rate of food frozen with a general freezing device is between 3% and 6%, while the dry consumption rate of food frozen with a liquid nitrogen freezing device is between 0.5% and 1%. Therefore, it is suitable for freezing some foods with high water content, such as bayberry, tomatoes, crab meat, etc.
(4) Small footprint, low initial investment and high installation efficiency.
(5) The quality of frozen food is high. Due to the direct contact between liquid nitrogen and food, strong heat exchange is carried out with a temperature difference of more than 200K, so the freezing speed is extremely fast, and the temperature can be lowered by 7-15K per minute. The ice crystals in the food are small and uniform, and the food quality is high after thawing.

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