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Ultra Low Temperature -40C Meat fish Shock chiller Small air Blast Freezer

2022-10-06 10:56:40

Blast freezer is a professional storage machine for storing all kinds of food that need to be frozen fast, It is mainly used for fast and cold freezing of food, mousse, cake and frozen dumplings, glutinous rice balls, steamed buns, etc. Ensure that the not losing nutrition, keep the fresh taste and good quick plastic effect.

Nuoruida (Tianjin) science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research, development, and sales of liquid nitrogen freezer. Using European technology, we provide a variety of equipment. The main equipment is liquid nitrogen Cryogenic treatment equipment, cryogenic freezer, liquid nitrogen cabinet freezer, liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer,sub-zero processing equipment, low temperature cold assembly equipment, cryogenic freezing equipment, and so on.
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