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The system composition of liquid nitrogen freezer

2023-05-01 12:02:33

The system composition of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing is as follows:
1. Frozen machine host: using touch screen +PLC control mode, real-time monitoring of temperature changes in the box, with automatic operation function, simple operation, strong reliability, automatic alarm after insulation. The stainless steel case is beautiful and durable. Imported thermal insulation technology is adopted to reduce the waste of cold to a greater extent. The temperature can be adjusted according to different frozen products. The main parts of the equipment are imported products; Stable and efficient; The equipment can realize automatic energy regulation.
2. Liquid nitrogen tank: Users can purchase it according to actual demand.
3. Product freezing rack: 316L stainless steel modular design, fully consider the cold air circulation channel; Make all products freeze more evenly.
4. Control system: PLC automatic electrical control system.
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