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Product structure and technical parameters of cryogenic furnace

2023-06-08 19:59:17

Product structure of cryogenic furnace:

1, box, door, insulation layer material is AISI 304 stainless steel, durable, no corrosion. The door and the box are sealed with imported special low-temperature resistant silicone rubber and wool felt, and are matched with a special door buckle to ensure complete sealing. The box is reinforced and can reliably carry the weight of the workpiece.
2, 150mm thick thermal insulation layer, double insulation, excellent thermal insulation performance, to ensure that the equipment at low temperature when the external surface temperature is normal temperature.
3, Germany imported solenoid valve to ensure accurate temperature control, long service life. The wind direction circulation system in the box is composed of a high-power motor with an enhanced axial flow fan and an air distribution device to ensure a fast and uniform air cooling cycle. The specially designed diversion device can make the refrigeration medium in the box unblocked and inject liquid nitrogen evenly to ensure the uniformity of temperature in the freezer.
4. The box cover is equipped with three configurations of power spring support opening, cylinder pneumatic opening and deceleration motor for users to choose from, which is convenient for opening and supporting the box cover. The bottom of the box is equipped with special casters to facilitate the box to move without damaging the ground.
5, equipped with electrical interlock and alarm device to ensure use.
6, man-machine interface +PLC+ module programmable control, easy to use. Microcomputer online control, unmanned operation.
Technical parameters of cryogenic furnace
Loading capacity: 80~2000Kg;
Operating temperature: normal temperature ~ -190℃ can be arbitrarily set;
Minimum temperature inside the box: -195℃;
Maximum cooling speed: 20℃/min;
Temperature control accuracy - heating, cooling, constant temperature ±1℃;
Temperature field uniformity -- ±2.5℃;

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