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The role of cryogenic treatment equipment on bearings

2023-09-02 11:26:03

Bearing special cryogenic treatment equipment cold assembly process is safe and reliable, the workpiece is not easy to damage. Hot assembly process site temperature is high, pressing into the assembly is easy to damage the workpiece. The cold assembly quality is high, the workpiece centrality is good, the bearing capacity is strong. The quality of hot assembly is not easy to control, and the workpiece is easy to deform; The part is not firmly bonded to the base hole in the pressing assembly. Cold assembly operation is simple and convenient, economical and practical.
Bearing special cryogenic treatment equipment advantages:
1, to avoid the material again tempering, reduce product quality;
2, sometimes, can not heat the coat, or the coat is very large, then can only use cold assembly;
3, at the same time of assembly, the parts were cryogenic treatment, improve the dimensional stability of the parts, strong wear resistance, hardness, and improve product quality.

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