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The role of cryogenic treatment equipment

2023-10-09 08:55:33

The improvement of cryogenic treatment for ferrous metals is mainly in the following aspects:
1, high-speed steel cutting tools, cutting tools, measuring tools to improve the life;
2, carbide cutting tools, cutting tool life improvement;
3, carbide drill bits, drilling tool life increase;
4, the performance of diamond products improved, such as artificial diamond thermal stability, artificial diamond mining drill, diamond Φ105mm saw blade performance improvement;
5, diamond hot press hammer performance improved;
6, the size of precision machinery assembly parts is stable;
7, the performance of carbon fiber wire is improved;

8, the service life of the nozzle, spring, gear, bearing is improved;
9. The service life of hot working molds and cold working molds in the machinery manufacturing industry is improved.
the application of cryogenic treatment equipment as follows: 
Quantity cutting tools,circular saw blades,circular knives,Cold working die,Martensitic stainless steel knife and scissors products,Cold roll,Bearings,gears,micro motor shafts,Oil pump, oil nozzle,plunger pump and other precision coupling parts,Low temperature valve,spring,Change the conductivity, strength, etc., of non-ferrous metals
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